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Paranormal Romance

14,100 words

short story

by Tom Bont

Roman and Feleena, both widowed, meet under strange circumstances, but nothing is ever normal when the ancient Muses of Music and Dance are involved. Roman and Feleena loved to dance with their spouses, but in their grief, both refuse to let go of the past and dance with someone new. Unknown to them, their beloveds' souls are stuck in ethereal limbo until they move on with their lives. Through a mysterious dating service and the not-so-subtle help of an endearing waiter, they are thrust onto a magical dance floor where they waltz together but resist the pull of their hearts. When it looks as though grief will win over new love, the Muses scramble in a last-ditch effort to save the relationship before two souls are lost in oblivion forever.
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Romantic Thriller

36,800 words

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by George S. Naas

Captain John Peterson, a battle-weary Army Ranger on his way home from Afghanistan, meets Emma Mansfield, an accomplished Doctor of Optometry, on a flight from Athens International Airport to the USA. Their attraction for each other is immediate, and they begin a courtship filled with fun and romance. However, tensions over an ex-boyfriend turned stalker and the ever-present demands of the military threaten to tear the two apart, and even though they manage to finally get married, everything changes when a soldier in John’s old unit, inadvertently left behind, is captured by the Taliban. Duty compels John to mount a rescue mission and go back to war, leaving a pregnant Emma alone to worry about the fate of the soldier she loves.



Steamy Paranormal Romance

18,800 words


by Ricardo Mejias

Michael has dreams, abstract fantasies of a woman wearing only a smile. He knows she’s not real, but she keeps appearing each night. She wants more than his body, but he can't figure out what that is. To make matters more complicated, he’s falling in love with his co-worker, Lisa, and this makes the woman in his dreams angry. As the lines between love and lust blur, he must distinguish the difference and make a choice before he loses his soul to his fantasies.  

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Traditional Romance

47,000 words

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by Amy Lynn

Love is Pain. Laura Ross's husband had taught her that lesson well. Single again and running a boutique in downtown Denver, the last thing she needs is another man in her life. There's no such thing as a knight in shining armor. Chivalry is dead. But when her best friend invites handsome rancher Troy Hawke along on their skiing vacation, Laura's willpower to remain aloof is tested to the limits. Even the Keeper of the Stars can't help her...or so she thinks.


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Romantic Thriller

59,900 words

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by Stephanie Smith

The setting is Berlin, 1989, a bustling metropolis of three million souls 110 miles behind the Iron Curtain. Marianne Tucker, still emotionally wounded from being jilted at the altar, decides to start her life anew, a journey that takes her from sunny San Diego, California, to exciting Berlin, the divided and dangerous capital city of Germany. While working as a Foreign Service Passport Officer at the American Consulate, she encounters her runaway ex-fiancé and tangles with the woman who had destroyed their lives.

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